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Our Story

Muna is a design studio crafted to experiment and explore creative boundaries to deliver the visual message our client wishes to portray.

It all started on a trip to Hawaii, where we realized that we wanted to create a working environment where we could explore our curiosity to travel the world and our passion for design.

The name ‘Muna’ comes from the words Moon and Luna . We feel identified with the moon for various reasons. It influences the ocean producing waves the same way we intend to influence our clients by leveraging their potential, creating high-impact design projects. We understand the importance of constantly reinventing ourselves, just as the moon has cycles we believe that each project and each brand has its cycle. Muna guides the client on each stage of their growth from conceptualization to project closure.

Our studio gives a lot of importance to the cultural exchange that you gain from traveling and meeting other people and their traditions. We apply the knowledge we gain during our travels in our strategies, visual vocabulary, creative processes, and methodologies.

Our mission is to provide excellent quality services and build long lasting relationships with our clients, who come from all types of backgrounds and spread all over the world.

Our quality assurance is based on the meticulous planning of each project, and the production of functional and aesthetically attractive concepts.

We Are Awesome At

Our services cover the entire spectrum of branding from consulting, conceptualization, development and brand maintenance.


We offer a full suite of branding & visual identity services, tailored to international fashion, retail, restaurants & hospitality clients demanding the highest standard of design & execution.

Surface Design

We develop prints and patterns that can be applied to any surface including apparel, home furnishing, wall decor, gift items, accessories and paper goods.
Explore our illustrations and textile designs created for immediate use through our website or contact us to view the collection in person.

Design Strategy

We apply the method of design thinking on every project which help us determine what to make and do, why do it and how to innovate. Our process involves the interplay between design and business strategy.

UI/UX Design

We offer a full suite of e-commerce & web design services, providing industry leading solutions for fashion & retail, restaurants & hospitality clients.

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